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The coronavirus disease COVID-19 is a global pandemic with an unprecedented effect in Rwanda. We are currently experiencing the worst public health crisis in this generation.

Are you representing an initiative that can improve the situation? For the sick, for the healthcare system, or for the millions of people whose lives are - or soon will be - affected? If so, apply to find support.

Corona Action Rwanda gathers initiatives and connects them with grants and support. Ideas, projects and startups that do the most important work in the world right now get exposure. We want to increase the likelihood of success, and mitigate the damage caused by this global crisis.

Accelerate your solutions to the problems caused by Covid-19

Apply for support. We can help with capital through grants, and give support through our network and partners.

> Applications closed

Applications for Corona Action Rwanda challenge are now closed. Thank you for your interest. Please visit our social media for updates.

Applications for Corona Action Rwanda challenge are now closed. Thank you for your interest. Please visit our social media for updates.

* Applications for Corona Action Rwanda challenge are now closed. Thank you for your interest. Please visit our social media for updates.


> What types of solutions are we looking for?

We are looking for innovative, time-sensitive solutions that directly address issues caused by the Coronavirus. We are best placed to support solutions with the potential for scalability & sustainability. Furthermore, we’re looking for evidence that the solution adds contribution beyond existing solutions out there already. 

To ensure we are adding value, we are looking for solutions that don’t qualify for assistance from alternative grant funding bodies. 

Finally, please check the list of partners who have so generously offered support to initiatives working on this virus before applying for funding, as they may be able to help you directly, e.g. with development, banking, hosting and legal services.

> What types of solutions are we unable to support with capital?
  • Projects in idea phase
  • Projects that require a critical mass of users to be effective (unless a clear plan is outlined for gaining this mass), e.g. contact tracing solutions
  • Projects that are unable to justify use of funds
  • Projects related to distribution of information regarding the virus in geographies with ample & accurate government or media information


Enter discussions, be involved in problem solving and reach out to other participants of Corona action Rwanda. Be part of the solution!

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Applicants may qualify for support from one of our partners. Pro-bono or with great discounts.

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> Who is behind it?

This is an initiative started by Jasiri and Rwanda Ministry of Innovation and ICT. Jasiri identifies high potential entrepreneurs, assists them to find co-founders and identify the most impactful opportunities, and provides holistic support from idea through to scale. Many partner organisations are joining, and anyone is welcomed to support the solutions. 

> Why are you doing this?

The coronavirus (Covid-19) could become the worst public health crisis in a generation, and we have to support all the solutions out there that can fight the negative effects. We believe that the best way we can offer support is by providing funding, access to networks and raising the awareness of the fantastic work by the people behind the solutions.

> Is anyone profiting from this?

Hopefully, mankind will. There are no fees or costs associated with being part of for partners or others - you only need to offer support to the solutions that are part of this initiative.

> Who is providing grants and investments?

To start with, Jasiri is providing potential grants without any profit requirements.

> How much money is Jasiri funding in the fight against Corona?

That depends on who applies for funding and support. This is a global crisis and will require lots of resources and focus.

> What do you hope will come out of this?

If one initiative working on a solution to the negative effects of the coronavirus can get funding or connect with a key resource or person that helps them take off, this initiative will have been a success. But ultimately, we want to help as many great solutions get access to the capital, resources, knowledge and skills they need to scale their solutions to reach as many people as possible.

COVID-19 public information sources

Here are some accurate public information sources to stay up to date on Coronavirus developments in English. 

> Public information websites

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